Pre-Massage Information

Pre-Massage Information

The following information will help

you get the most out of your visit to Mullumbimby Massage.


Basic Housekeeping


* Please let us know if you are allergic to any oils or products

* We do our best to run on time. However, as each case is assessed and treated differently longer consultations may be required. Please be patient with our staff if this is the case.

* Please ensure that your mobile phone is switched off or on silent. If you answer your mobile phone during treatment you may risk becoming one of our skeleton models.

* Our staff will usually try to send you a reminder SMS for your appointment. Please do not rely on this. If you cannot make it to an appointment please ring the clinic as soon as possible. The sooner you give notice the less of a problem it can cause.

* Payment is required at the time of consultation. If you are unable to make a payment please call us ahead of time to discuss your options.


24 hours notice is appreciated for canceling an appointment.
Otherwise, the full fee may be charged.  


Please bring the following to your consultations at Mullumbimby Massage:

1. Any recent medical reports

2. Any treatment notes from previous practitioners

3. Underwear that you are comfortable to change down to.